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The industry's fastest CPU and latest P.B.S. architecture enable high-speed processing of 5 mega-pixel images. Real color sensing with high dynamic range function and small-sized camera.

zfx.jpg   arrow_red.png ZFX
High level image processing with easy operation. Robust pattern search with up to 10,000 inspection/min. Total image processing system that includes everything from camera with integrated light source to image-processing unit.

  arrow_red.png ZFV-C   The ZFV-C Color Smart Sensor is designed with the same Target, Teach, Go simplicity as the original ZFV. The Color Filter function is completely automatic, and colors can be easily extracted while watching the monitor.

f500.jpg   arrow_red.png F500
The F500 Network-compatible Sensor supports everything from high-precision detection to production and quality control.

zfv.jpg    arrow_red.png ZFV
Versatile "2D Smart Sensors" are compatible with a broad range of applications. The added visual display delivers Sensors that can envision sensing solutions. The "2D Smart Sensors" with CCD offer new on-site vision capabilities.

f160.jpg    arrow_red.png F160-2
  High-speed stand-alone visual inspection system suitable for quality inspections, defects, process control, robot guidance, color differentiation, character inspection etc. Inspection speed up to 5000 parts per minute. Electronic shutter speed camera capture image at 0.05 ms.

  arrow_red.png F210
  High-speed High-Power Compact, stand alone visual inspection system. Application software package to do complicated tasks at an ease. Select processing item from a library. Does not require any programming by user. Memory card to expand image memory and scenes.



arrow_red.png F210-C1[]-ETN/

  Enhanced storage & network function innovation to quality management. Support to find the optimal settings for Quality Detection. Support to improve daily Quality Enhancement by storing the data and images. Support to transfer the data and images to the Quality Management System.



arrow_red.png F270

  Improving the manufacturing process by combining a wealth of technical know-how with ultra high speed processing. The fastest processing speed in the world allows inspections in more detail, with more inspection items and greater measurement precision.



arrow_red.png F250

  High-speed, High-Power, stand-alone high-end visual inspection system. Does not require any programming by user. Supports Ethernet/RS232C/RS422. Built-in Statistical Process Control functions.



arrow_red.png VC-DL100

  The LUPE is easy to operate, and has digital functionality that can greatly boost quality control capabilities. Another digital solution from OMRON.



arrow_red.png 3Z4S-LT     

  A wide range of LED illumination products allows you to select the optimal Illumination Device for each image-processing application.



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