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  >> Groove-type Photomicrosensors

arrow_red.png EE-SX77/  


Compact, thin photomicro sensor ensures ease of use. Indicators are visible from both sides. Wide operating range: 5 to 24 VDC.

ee-sx47.67.jpg   arrow_red.png EE-SX47/  

Advanced functionality in a super compact design. 50 to 400 W pulse train input. Easy monitoring of Position Control Unit and Servo Driver errors.
ee-spx74.84.jpg   arrow_red.png EE-SPX74/   EE-SPX84
Compact photomicro sensor featuring powerful light modulation against external light interference with connector type for easy maintenance.
  arrow_red.png EE-SPX-W
Prewired slot sensor with light modulation to effectively reduce external light inteference. Sensing distance: 3.6 / 5.0 mm.
ee-spx303.403.jpg    arrow_red.png EE-SPX303/   EE-SPX403
  Groove type Photomicro Sensor with large slot width (13 mm) not influenced by external light.
 >> Through-beam Photomicrosensors



arrow_red.png EE-SX91

  The ultimate compact photomicrosensor, perfectly easy to ease. Both light-ON and dark-ON outputs provided. Choice of five models for a wide range of applications. 



arrow_red.png EE-SPW311 /   EE-SPW411

  Through-beam Photomicrosensor with a sensing distance as long as 1 m.



arrow_red.png EE-SPW321 /   EE-SPW421

  Compact, Thin-profile Photomicrosensor with Special Amplifier. Slim amplifier for easy handling and mounting.
 >> Reflective Photomicrosensors
ee-spy31.41.gif    arrow_red.png EE-SPY31/   EE-SPY41
  Accurately detects objects placed in front of mirror-like background. Detect an object as small as a 0.05-mm-dia. Pure copper wire.
  arrow_red.png EE-SY671/   EE-SY672
  Reflective Photomicrosensor with sensitivity adjuster. Easy operation monitoring with bright LED indicator. Wide operating range: 5 to 24 VDC.
  arrow_red.png EE-SPX301/401   EE-SPY30/40
  Reflective Photomicrosensor with light modulation not influenced by external light.
>> Application Photomicrosensors
ee-spx613.jpg   arrow_red.png EE-SPX613
  Photomicrosensor for detecting liquid levels in transparent pipes. Incorporates a sensitivity selector, built-in amplifier, and operation mode selector.
  arrow_red.png EE-SPY801/   EE-SPY802
  The position of a wafer carrier is detected. Setting of the position with a guide. The contact surface with a wafer career uses a chemical-resistant fluororesin.
  arrow_red.png EE-SA801
  Using a pushbutton enables accurately detecting difficult-to-detect objects. Conforms to standards for semiconductor FOUP cassettes.
 >> Retroreflective Photomicrosensors
  arrow_red.png EE-SPZ-A
  Retroreflective Photomicrosensor with light modulation for reduced external light interference.


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