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         Item                Model No.                                    Brief Description 

arrow_red.png E32-L11FP/      E32-L1[]FS/


Wet Process
Stable detection of glass in wet processes. Non-contact operation simplifies mounting nd maintenance.

e3x-dac-s.jpg   arrow_red.png E3X-DAC-S
Color Sensing
Easy and reliable! The Fiber Sensor that sees in color. Thinnest in the industry. Available in one or two outputs. Allows precise settings through adjustment of threshold values.

e3x-da[]at-s.jpg   arrow_red.png E3X-DA[]AT-S
Advanced ATC Models
New Models That counteract the decline in operating rates caused by dust and dirt.

e3x-da[]se-s.jpg    arrow_red.png E3X-DA[]SE-S
Limited-Function Models
New models that eliminate worries about digital sensor setting mistakes. Easy and reliable digital sensors with the same detection performance as previous models.

e3x-da[]an-s(o).jpg    arrow_red.png E3X-DA[]AN-S

  Analog Output Models
High-speed, high-resolution analog output meets a wide range of applications. Position control, height distinction, and other applications with analog output.

  arrow_red.png E3X-DA-S
  Digital Fiber
The industry's first Power Tuning Function in a digital sensor. Large, Easy-to-Read Displays that are clear even from a distance. Seven convenient display formats. Stable long-term performance achieved with OMRON's Auto Power Control (APC) function.



arrow_red.png E3X-MDA

  Super Dual Fiber
The remarkable, new-dimension 2-channel amplifiers. Slimmest in the industry -- 5 mm per channel. Equipped with AND/OR control output. Flexible Control with Mobile Console.



arrow_red.png E32 Series

  Fiber Unit
OMRON's Fiber Sensors continue to support an increasing range of applications. 



arrow_red.png E32-[][][]N

  Right-angle Model
No snagging, No breaking, convenient mounting! Fiber flexibility prevents breaking. Convenient design accommodates two wrench sizes. Allows quick tightening.



arrow_red.png E3X-DA-N

  Digital (autotuning)
Digital fiber amplifier. APC to ensure LED light level remains stable forever. Wire saving connector. Mobile console. Three clear display mode. Range of innovative display modes.



arrow_red.png E3X-SD       

  Simple Operation with Digital Display
The standard for Fiber Amplifiers with simple operation and high performance. Immediately determine operation and amount of light with a simple, bright display. General-purpose capabilities to simply handle a broad range of applications.

e3x-na.jpg    arrow_red.png E3X-NA   Adjustor (Manual)
The sensor with LED displays and manual tuning. Superb cost/performance. Wire saving connectors. Mutual interference prevention functions.

e3x-drt21.jpg    arrow_red.png E3X-DRT21-S   DeviceNet Model
Fiber amplifier sensor communication unit supports multi-vendor networks.

  arrow_red.png E3X-DRT21/

  Fiber Amplifier Sensor Communication Units
Communication units for fiber amplifier. Eliminate all wirings while using digital amplifier. Enables PLC/PC to communicate with many amplifiers. Receive sensor outputs, set threshold value, timer value from PLC/PC.


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