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arrow_red.png E3ZM-V 


Mark Sensor with Stainless Steel Housing
Color mark detection with high-speed response (50 µs) and accuracy in spite of sensing object movement. Plus, an SUS316L housing for IP69K protection.

  arrow_red.png E3ZM
Stainless Steel Case
Standard quality for the food industry. Hygienic, durable, and detergent resistant. Reliability concentrated in a compact steel case.
  e3zm-b.jpg   arrow_red.png E3ZM-B
For PET Bottle Detection
Excellent PET bottle detection washable with high-temperature/ pressure water. New detection method that is independent of the bottle shape, position, transparency and contents.
  arrow_red.png E3ZM-C
Oil Resistance
Ideal for the Automotive and Machine Tool industries. Oil-resistant, water-resistant, robust, compact body made of stainless steel.
  arrow_red.png E3Z
  Compact, Best Selling
Photoelectric sensor with built-in amplifier is applicable to a wide variety of lines and ensures a longer sensing distance than any other model. Environmental friendly.



arrow_red.png E3Z-LT

  Laser Type
Laser Photoelectric Sensor with optical customization that fit the application. All models provide the safety and peace of mind of laser class 1 (JIS and IEC).



arrow_red.png E3Z-LS61/81

  Distance Settable
Distance-setable Photoelectric Sensor covers a wide range of object/background combinations, and ensures stable detection regardless of workpiece color or glossiness.



arrow_red.png E3Z-LS63/83

  Distance Settable
The New E3Z simplifies positioning with a super-sharp beam.

  arrow_red.png E3Z-T62/82

Now you get a new and better fit for your needs in addition to the assurance that always came with the E3Z.
  arrow_red.png E3Z-TA
  Through-beam, Visible Red LED
Visual beams allow visual confirmation of the detection spot, making installation and maintenance easier. Achieves substantial power saving and thorough resources saving.
  arrow_red.png E3Z-TK/-DK
  Oil Resistance
Oil-resistant Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier enables stable sensing in environments subject to oil mist.
e3t.jpg   arrow_red.png E3T
  Slim, Subminiature
Small but sharp, slimmest background supression reflective sensors in the market. Reliable detection in narrow lanes enables equipment downsizing and easy design.
  arrow_red.png E3F2
  Cylindrical Body
Threaded Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors with Built-in Amplifier for Use as an Optical Proximity Sensor.
  arrow_red.png E3F3
  Cylindrical Body
Photoelectric sensor with built-in amplifier for use as an optical proximity sensor. Up-to-date photo-IC to increase noise immunity. M18 DIN-sized cylindrical housing, ABS resin case.
  arrow_red.png E3G
  Long Distance
Long-distance retroreflective photoelectric sensor with a sensing distance of 10 m sensor with distance setting up to 2 m. Select either transistor (NPN/PNP selectable) or relay output.
  arrow_red.png E3G-L1
  / E3G-L3

  Distance-settable (Miniature)
The combination of the hyper LED and shine-proof optical system. Stable detection is not limited to object color, but also on inclination and glossiness.
  arrow_red.png E3S-C
  Oil Resistance, Long Distance (Metal Case)
Water- and oil-resistive photoelectric sensor with metal housing ensuring long sensing distance. NPN/PNP output selector. Mutual interference prevention enhanced.
e3s-cl.jpg   arrow_red.png E3S-CL
  Distance-settable (Metal Case)
Distance-settable and background suppression photoelectric sensor with stable detection regardless of color, material, or size of a detecting object.


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