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Higher performance for a new dimension in desktop PCB inspection



The VT-RNS-ptH is a renaissance in the field of desktop PCB inspection offering reliable high performance backed by a precise colour highlight system.
This tabletop inspection system, inspects component placement and solder joint in post assembly inspection. Designed for high-mix/low volume manufacturing applications.
It uses Omron’s advanced, patented Color Highlight Technology to find hard to detect solder defects and component irregularities that traditional white light sources would miss, making it one of the most accurate inspection system in the AOI industry.

With few buttons, the VT-RNS-ptH is easy to operate. It offers intuitive point and click programming. Its on-board statistics capability identifies types of faults over a quantity of boards and allow users to do process improvement based on inspection results.

One Key to Success…..
VT-RNS-ptH utilizes Omron’s patented
Color Highlight Technology
to identify the shape of the solder joint leaving the rest of the colors of the substrate and component undisturbed. This patented system allows the VT-RNS-ptH to detect minute flaws that would ordinarily be missed.


Colour Highlight System


In high-density placement applications, the reflective luminosity of the solder surface is diminished by the shadows of adjacent components. With the color highlight system, LEDs emit colored light and information is extracted through chromaticity so that inspections are not easily affected by fluctuations in reflective luminosity (brightness of solder surface).




With the Concurrent Teaching System, you can replace inspection data during inspections. This provides outstanding power in increasing inspection accuracy when initially starting new models. Teaching programs with revised inspection standards can also be operated in real-time separately from the inspection machines.



3 CCD Camera

The most difficult point in PCB inspection is recognition of the solder shape. The VT-RNS-ptH uses a 3-CCD camera, which obtains three times the data of a single-CCD camera, to enable highly robust inspections.




By integrating each system into the process, it will improve production and inspection quality, verify process engineering and allow for a more efficient distribution of resources. The benefit rich inspection system will positively impact multiple areas in the process including post paste, post placement, post wave and/or post reflow.





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