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The embodiment of creativity: Next generation inspection machines


The VT-RNS is a renaissance of AOI providing high-level inspection performance with advanced SMT for revolutionary network-compatible, next generation inspection machine.
Omron VT RNS 'S' (post reflow) model can be easily configured to perform three different types of printed circuit board inspections, making the VT RNS a very flexible machine: from just one version (S model) the machine can be used to inspect PCBs at either post paste, post placement or post solder stages.
The VT-RNS is one of the only systems currently available to offer true color based inspection of printed circuit board by using Omron patented Color Highlight Technology. This unique illumination technique improves inspection accuracy and its system software reduces operator programming time.
Utilizing the VT-RNS for Final Quality Assurance allows no defects to escape to the next process (minimizing defects) and collecting processing information (supporting process improvements).

One Key to Success…..
VT-RNS utilizes Omron’s patented
Color Highlight Technology
to identify the shape of the solder joint leaving the rest of the colors of the substrate and component undisturbed. This patented system allows the VT-RNS to detect minute flaws that would ordinarily be missed.



Integrated Hardware Specifications
Switching settings enables the VT-RNS-P/Z to be used as a post-printing and post-replacement inspection machine. Switching the settings enables the VT-RNS-S to be used in post-printing, post-replacement, and post-reflow processes.



With the Concurrent Teaching System, you can replace inspection data during inspections. Provides outstanding power in increasing inspection accuracy when initially starting new models. Teaching programs for which changes in inspection standards have been implemented can be operated in real-time separately from the inspection machines.



Faster Inspection

Inspection tact time is reduced by approximately 25% as compared with conventional systems due to the higher processing speed of the CPU and an expanded field size.



By integrating each system into the process, it will improve production and inspection quality, verify process engineering and allow for a more efficient distribution of resources. The benefit rich inspection system will positively impact multiple areas in the process including post paste, post placement, post wave and/or post reflow.





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