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 Industrial Ethernet Networking

Advantech offers a complete line of robust Industrial Ethernet Solutions including Ethernet switches, Media Converters, and serial to Ethernet Converters.


 eki-2741lx_s.jpgMedia Converters

Most industrial computer systems come with standard RS-232 serial ports. Though widely accepted, RS-232 has limited transmission speed, range and networking capabilities. The RS-422/485 standards overcome these limitations by using differential voltage lines for data and control signals. The RS-422/485 repeater simply amplifies, or boosts, existing RS-422/485 signals to enable them to cover longer distances. It extends the communication distance by 1200m (4,000 ft.) or increases the maximum number of connected nodes by 32.


 uno-1019_s.jpgIndustrial Ethernet Switches

Advantech's Ethernet technology allows users to expand their industrial network fast and cost-effectively and the rugged industrial-grade design assures reliability and stability. Moreover, Advantech's “X-Ring” technology offers the fastest Ethernet Redundant Ring (recovery time < 10 ms) to increase the reliability and speed of network infrastructures, such as EKI-7000 series Industrial Managed swithes. EKI-7000 series are an ideal solution for easy managing your applications at central offices or local sites.

 eki-1522_s.jpgSerial Device Servers

The serial device servers enable RS-232/422/485 serial devices to be connected to a host computer over an Ethernet network quickly and cost-effectively. No extra programming effort is required at the host computer, so software development costs can be saved. Serial device servers are especially suitable for remotely controlling and monitoring your serial devices via the Ethernet.




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