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 adam-5550kw-02_b1.jpgDecentralized Motion Cotrol

The first of distributed motion control products from Advantech are called the AMONet Series. AMONET products are categorized as Master cards or Slave modules. While the Master card is kept in the host PC, the slave modules can be distributed so that they are next to motor drivers on the factory floor.


 pcm-3240_s.jpgISA-bus Cards

Advantech Encoder cards include 24-bit quadruple AB phase encoder counters, 24-bit timers/counters and digital I/O channels. Each channel accepts digital input as an index for a rotary encoder or as a home sensor input for a linear encoder. These cards lets your computer perform position monitoring for motion control systems.


 pci-1240_s.gifPCI-bus Cards

Advantech motion control solutions have 3-axis, 4-axis, 6-axis inputs with pulse-type and voltage-type models and the MotionNet series of distributed motion control modules. More significantly, these cards are supported by complete motion control libraries under DOS and Windows OS, which are widely applied in high-precision motion control applications.




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