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  >> Servo Motor & Drives
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arrow_red.png G Series      


A wide variation of models with the functions and performance demanded in Servo Systems. 50 W to 7.5 kW. Increased machine compatibility, plus fast positioning with improved response and vibration control.

    smartstep2.jpg   arrow_red.png Smartstep2
Advanced functionality in a super compact design. 50 to 400 W pulse train input. Easy monitoring of Position Control Unit and Servo Driver errors.
     smartstep junior.jpg
  arrow_red.png Smartstep   Junior
Servo motors and servo drives that is both compact and smart! Quick startup. Simply connect the servo for immediate operation. Enables more efficiently using space in control panels.
  arrow_red.png Smartstep
AC servo motors and servo drives provide basic operation, and setup parameters can be set using front panel switches. The drive unit responds to standard pulse-train commands and can be used for simple control.
w series.jpg    arrow_red.png W Series
AC servo motors and servo drives covering power ranges up to 5.5 kW. Torque, position and speed control modes are all configurable from one drive, providing maximum flexibility. It comes with DeviceNet Unit option.
u series.jpg    arrow_red.png U Series
AC servo motors and servo drives provides effortless functionality with capacities ranging from 30 W to 1.5 kW. It provides the affordable control applications with torque and speed control.
 >> Frenquency Inverters



arrow_red.png 3G3JX/MX/RX

  Environmentally friendly and easy to program ideal for a wide range of applications.



arrow_red.png 3G3JE

  A compact inverter with a simplified design and easy installation. The same compact size (width: 55 mm) for all models from 0.1 to 0.4 kW. Mount side-by-side. Easy-to-wire main circuits. Models with CompoWay/F communications also available.



arrow_red.png 3G3JV

  Ultra compact design support up to 3.7 kW motor capacity. High torque at low speed with automatic torque boost function. Built-in operator unit with potentiometer. Interface to host controller via Modbus. 



arrow_red.png 3G3MV

  Senseless vector control support up to 7.5kW motor capacity. Energy saving control with support of frequency reference via pulse train input. Built-in Modbus interface enables easy distributed control.



arrow_red.png 3G3RV-V1        

  Senseless current vector control with up to 160kW motor capacity. Self adapting energy saving function with easy maintenance. PID control with 3 different Auto-tuning functions. Built-in Modbus and optional DeviceNet offer greater interface to host controller.
 >> Stand-Alone Position Drivers
fnd-x.jpg    arrow_red.png FND-X   User-friendly Position Drivers equipped with servodriver and positioner functions that construct positioning systems with ease. Satisfies EC Directive requirements and meets UL/cUL standards medium-capacity servomotors have become connectable.
>> Support Tool Software
  arrow_red.png CX-Motion   Cx-Motion provides a platform for parameter settings, monitoring and developing G-Code programming for the motion controller, CS1-MC series.


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