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  >> Micro PLCs
  cp1e.jpg   arrow_red.png CP1E New!

This all-in-one package Micro PLCs provide high cost performance to further reduce costs by allowing you to select the optimal CPU Unit from the E-type Basic Models or N-type Application Models that support HMI connection, position control and inverter connection.

 cp1l.jpg   arrow_red.png CP1L
 Complete with a standard-feature USB port, whether you  need simple sequence control or pulse I/O and a serial port,  this micro PLC gives you an economical choice from among  10-, 14-, 20-, 30-, 40- and 60-point CPU Units. 

  cp1h.jpg   arrow_red.png CP1H  

Multi-functionality condensed into an all-in-one package. Expanded range of applications with built-in pulse outputs for axes, analog I/O, and serial communications, and with a USB port as a standard feature.


  arrow_red.png CPM2A

 With 20, 30, 40 or 60 built-in I/Os (expandable up to 120  I/Os). Comes with  4K-word program memory, 2K-word data  memory and real-time clock. Supports  control of analog  signal processing, high speed pulse I/Os and etc.


  arrow_red.png CPM2C  

Slim Micro PLC with flexible configuration up to 140 I/Os. Advanced control with analog signal processing, high speed pulse I/Os and temperature sensor.


  arrow_red.png CPM1A  

Compact block type CPU with built-in I/Os. Expandable up to 100 I/Os. Offers 2K words program memory and 1K word data memory. Cost effective solution for basic automation.


  arrow_red.png ZEN  

Simple logic controller supports up to 44 I/Os. Front panel LCD and operation buttons enable direct programming and data entry. Real-time clock allows easy time-based control by daily, weekly and monthly.

  >> Small PLCs


  arrow_red.png CQM1H  

Rackless modular design support upto 512 I/Os. Advanced inner boards expansion and dedicated control units deliver advanced control solution with up to 15.2K-word program memory and 6K-word data memory.


  arrow_red.png CJ1M

Compact PLC with flexible configuration upto 640 I/Os. Ideal for small scale advanced machine control application. With built-in function of simple data exchange between PLCs and positioning control.

  >> Medium PLCs


  arrow_red.png CS1H / CS1G  

High function controller platform supports up to 5,120 I/Os, 250K-step program memory and 448K-word data memory. Best fit for any large scale and complex automation system.

 cj1h.jpg   arrow_red.png CJ1H / CJ1G  

Ultra compact PLC with flexible configuration up to 2,560 I/Os, 120K-Step program memory and 256K-word data memory. CF card function facilitates easy program and data management.

   cs1d.jpg   arrow_red.png CS1D  

Enhances facility and equipment reliability through hot standby CPUs, power supplies and redundant network. Hot Swap I/O function allows defective unit replacement during operation.

  >> Large PLCs
  arrow_red.png CVM1
  Large and rugged rack type PLC with advanced and dedicated control units. System configurable with up to 2,048 I/Os, 62K-word program memory and 256K-word data memory.

  arrow_red.png CVM1D
  Enhances CVM1 solution with highest reliability through Hot Standby CPUs and Power Supplies. Hot Swap I/O function allows defective unit replacement during operation.




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