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Patlite Old

PATLITE Corporation has become Japan's largest manufacturer of Visual and Audible warning devices since developing the first rotating warning light in 1965. Their primary market at that time was public safety and emergency vehicle lighting. Since then, with the emerging automation of industry and the use of computer with machinery, a new market was created. Patlite met the need by developing machine status indicators with multiple colors to help manufacturers increase productivity and eliminate down-time in a "just-in-time" environment.

The PATLITE brand now leads the world market in the factory automation industry. To achieve this dominant position in the marketplace, PATLITE build a Technical Center employing 100 engineers in 1992 and a year later construction on a new state-of-the-art factory was started on 11 acres of land. The factory was completed in 1994 and PATLITE continues to expand capacity with our new factory in Indonesia.
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