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Proven Secured Identification Solution

DCIDT, the market leader in Identification (ID) Solutions has helped security-minded enterprises to create secure and cost-effective identity management solutions for more than 10 years in Malaysia.

Datacard ID Systems incorporate security features like bar codes, smart card chips or proximity (RF) technologies to enable ID cards to be used with automated systems across your enterprise. Best of all, Datacard secured ID systems provide a foundation for your future. We can help you expand your basic secured ID systems and easily migrate to a solution that allows you to create a secured ID network.

Datacard has secured ID solutions to match your immediate security needs. The solution you choose can then expand to meet emerging security challenges!

  Datacard® SP35 Plus Card Printer
The Datacard® SP35 Plus card printer is one of the most convenient choices in the SP Series line. It includes everything you need for one-sided, full-color ID card printing in a compact, plug-and-play design that is easy to use.
  Datacard® SP55 Plus Card Printer
The Datacard® SP55 Plus card printer is the fastest system in the SP Series line. It’s also versatile enough to print loyalty cards for leisure and entertainment or secure photo ID cards for schools and corporations. You can even issue multi-technology IDs that enable physical and logical access, cashless payment and more. 


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