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arrow_red.png S8VM


Power supply featuring OMRON’s unique, new undervoltage alarm function with compact body contributing to machine downsizing.

v740.jpg   arrow_red.png S8VT  
DIN-rail mounting, Power Supply with a range of 5 A to 40 A output current. 3-phase 400 to 500 VAC. Compact design with higher stability, lower ripple and noise level.

  arrow_red.png S8VS   Slim DIN rail power supply. Visual Display for unit operation status and preventive maintenance. DC Output capacity upto 240W.

f500.jpg   arrow_red.png S8TS  
Building-block configuration offers flexibility, standardization and redundancy DC power supply from 60-240W. Single power supply block with multi-output voltages. Wide input voltage range suit for installment anywhere.

v640.jpg    arrow_red.png S8JX
Compact power supply compliant with global standards. Output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, and 24 V are available for between 35 to 150 W capacity (100 W, 150 W: 24-V models only). Supports DIN Rail mounting.

v720.jpg    arrow_red.png S82K   DIN-track mounting with multi-voltage input range and wide output voltage and capacity range from 3 to 240W. Under-voltage alarm and no-noise interference through power factor correction.

  arrow_red.png S82J   Compact and economical switching power supplies with output capacity up to 600W.



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