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    Item                Model No.                                    Brief Description 
zs.jpg   arrow_red.png Device Net   Safety System
  Complies to IEC 61508 SIL 3 and EN 954-1 Safety Category 4. Lineup includes network controller, I/O terminals, network router and network configurator.

g9sx-sm.jpg   arrow_red.png G9SX-SM   Sensor-less monitoring of standstill for machines with long inertia. Standstill is monitored by the motor's back electromotive force (BEMF) signal. Features a "Standard Configuration", allowing immediate use without sensitivity adjustment.


  arrow_red.png G9SX-LM  
Low-speed monitoring controller ensures safety for maintenance work. Motor rotation speed detected by Proximity Sensor. Monitors and confirms that speed does not exceed the preset level.


  arrow_red.png G9SX-GS  
Safety Guard Switching Unit for hazardous operations that does not lower productivity. Support auto and manual switching applications. External indicator outputs enable indicating the switching status of two safety input devices.


  arrow_red.png D40A /    G9SX-NS   Non-Contact Door Switch and Flexible Safety Unit. Electronic detection mechanism for better stability in non-contact door switch operation.


  arrow_red.png G9SX  
Flexible Safety Controller. Logical AND function adds flexibility to I/O expansion. Facilitates partial or complete control system setup.


  arrow_red.png F3SX   Greater safety and reliability with F3SX safety controllers. Offers safety and simple connections for an array of safety equipment, functioning as a central hub to perform integrated monitoring of various safety equipment.


  arrow_red.png G9SA   Safety relay unit. Fast response 10ms. Compact, Available in various configurations. One touch connection for output amplifier unit. Possible to add a two-hand controller. AC power type series available too.


  arrow_red.png G9SA-300-SC  
Sensor connector allows direct connection to OMRON F3SN-A/F3SN-B/F3SH-A Safety Light Curtains with PNP outputs, enabling less wiring required.

  arrow_red.png  G9SB  
Ultra slim safety relay unit. Fast response 10ms. Compact, Available in various configurations. One touch connection for output amplifier unit. Compliant to EN, UL and CSA standards.

  arrow_red.png G9S  
Safety Relay Unit ideal for safety door and emergency stop switch circuits for machines in European countries.

  arrow_red.png F3SP-U2P
  This Safety Sensor Muting Controller is equipped with safety circuits and is used to add a muting function to Safety Sensors.

  arrow_red.png CQM1-SF200/

  Safety relay unit PLC I/O type. The monitor signal of the safety relay circuit connects directly to the CPU of PLC through the internal bus. Safety application controller that simplifies wiring and space conservation.




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