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arrow_red.png V750


The V750 combines decades of Omron's experience with the design and manufacturing of RFID systems for wide range of industrial and commercial applications, e.g. speedy goods sorting and real time tracking in supply chain management.

v740.jpg   arrow_red.png V740
RFID System suitable for retail logistics and material handling in global scale supply chain systems, where a multi-protocol capability is required. Compatible with UHF frequency band (915MHz), the product can communicate with ID tags using both EPC and ISO standards.

  arrow_red.png V680   Compact tag with 80-mm diameter, long-life RFID system, heat-resistant up to 200°C. Supporting production line indicators and traceability management in high-temperature processes.

f500.jpg   arrow_red.png V680-HAM91/

ID Flag Sensor that reads and writes 16 bits of data with 1 unit. Useful in applications from simple product identification to managing work progress.

v640.jpg    arrow_red.png V640
Enables reading and writing transponders for various Semiconductor applications, such as FOUPs (Front- Opening Unified Pods), reticles, and pods.

v720.jpg    arrow_red.png V720
  V720 RFID system consists of Tag Inlets, ID controller, read write antenna, read write module, Evaluation Kit and specially customized antennas for specific applications. These products are key components to establish total RF solutions for system integrators and users.

  arrow_red.png V700
  V700 electromagnetic inductive RFID system offers a medium transmission distance up to 250mm. Equipped with multiple access function to enable reading and writing of multiple tags.



arrow_red.png V690

  RFID system for microwave communications at 600 Kbps at up to 5 meters. Memory capacity of 8 Kbytes to store assembly, inspection, sorting, and other production data on production lines.



arrow_red.png V670

  V670 electromagnetic inductive RFID system offers long-life battery-free Data Carriers at high speed to read and write data 1,000 million times. Self execution mode for data processing with no host controller intervention.



arrow_red.png V600

  V600 electromagnetic coupling RFID system offers superior environment resistance with maximum communication distance up to 100 mm. Lineup includes built-in-battery Data Carriers (8 kbytes) and battery-less Data Carrier (256 bytes).


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