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arrow_red.png XS5    


Water-resistive smartclick connectors that reduce installation work. A newly developed lock structure that maintains compatibility with conventional, screw-type M12 connectors.

xs2.jpg      arrow_red.png XS2
Water- and environment-resistive FA Connectors save wiring and maintenance effort. Compact FA connectors satisfy IP67 requirements and ensure a 94V-0 fire retardant rating.

xs3.jpg        arrow_red.png XS3
Water-resistive, compact round connector meets IP67 requirements. Conventional M8 screw-mounting models are available along with S8 snap-in models that connect and disconnect with one touch.

  arrow_red.png XW3D
Simple wiring of sensor actuators. Greatly reduce wiring in combination with the Smartclick XS5.

xw3b.jpg    arrow_red.png XW3B
  Series includes lightweight, low-profile Connector Terminal Boxes for use outside of control boxes to centralize sensor I/O connectors.

s3d2.jpg    arrow_red.png S3D2
  Offers high-speed input response of 0.1 ms and equipped with built-in Timer.



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