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arrow_red.png ZJ-BAS     


An effective ionizer with the highest level of ionization in its class. Ionizes areas wider than the Ionizer itself. Steady ionizing performance, even over long distances.

zj-ba.jpg   arrow_red.png ZJ-BA
Ionizer with high-speed ionization and excellent ion balance. Uses the dual-mixing variable-DC method to enable stable, large volume ion supply. Three sensors enable automatically controlling the ion balance in real time.

  zj-fa10.jpg    arrow_red.png ZJ-FA10
High-speed, high-performance ionization. The newly developed airflow control system (AFCS) structure provides a uniform airflow. Long-term ionization performance with clean and easy maintenance.

zj-fa01.02.03.jpg    arrow_red.png ZJ-FA01/02/03
Utilizes a highly efficient DC method and large-capacity fan to quickly eliminate static electricity at the production site. Effective neutralization of static charge at the factory assists in reducing complaints and boosting yield

 ks1.jpg    arrow_red.png KS1
  Ionizer with wide range of nozzles for optimal ionization. From pin-point to wide-area ionization, the optimal ionization for the application is now possible. 


  arrow_red.png ZJ-SD
  The ZJ-SD uses a compact Sensor Head and Amplifier to easily make static electricity visible. Low repeatability creates the need for a sensor for constant in-line monitoring to properly capture static electricity. 

zn series.jpg


arrow_red.png ZN Series

  Advanced clean-monitoring for the manufacturing field. Localized Continuous Clean-Monitoring Systems provide many ways to improve quality and enable perfect reporting of production process monitoring.



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