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  >> Light-Curtain Sensors

arrow_red.png F3SJ     


Type 4 (for finger, hand and body protection)
Easy-to-use as a conventional area sensor, so whether you are retrofitting existing equipment or providing safety to newly designed equipment, you can eliminate any remaining doubt you have about the safety of your machinery.

ms4800.jpg   arrow_red.png MS-4800
Type 4
Safety Light Curtain with durable, impact-resistant body and long, 20-m sensing distance.
f3sn-a.jpg   arrow_red.png F3SN-A
Type 4 (for finger and hand protection)
Sensing distance of 10 m. It is self-contained hence does not require a control box. Small, space-saving impressive profile. Blanking, Muting, outputs and many other programmable functions to meet your needs.
f3sn-a[]ss.jpg   arrow_red.png F3SN-A[]SS
Type 4 (for finger and hand protection)
Short-range Safety Light Curtain with greater resistance to external light interference. Significantly less interference with other sensors. Operating range of 3.5 m and hand protection.
           f3sh-a.jpg    arrow_red.png F3SH-A
  Type 4 (for body protection)
Multi-beam Safety Sensor with no dead zone. Small, space-saving impressive profile. Programmable functions to meet your needs. Series connection possible.

  arrow_red.png F3SN-B
  Type 2 (for finger and hand protection)
The direction angle is wider than Type 4 Safety Light Curtain, allowing worry-free use in locations subject to vibration.
  arrow_red.png E3ZS
  Type 2 (for human body protection)
Suitable for applications in small-sized equipment, semi-automated machinery, or use on production lines consisting of multiple machines.
  arrow_red.png E3FS
  Type 2 (for human body protection)
Type 2 safety photoelectric sensor for hazardous gaps in equipment with maximum sensing distance of 10 m.
  arrow_red.png F3SS
  Type 4
Single Beam Safety Sensor for long distance detection (60 m). This transmissive-type safety sensor for human body detection is ideal for integrated protection of an entire line or multi-sided detection of intrusion into large machines.
  arrow_red.png F3SL
  Type 4
Safety Light Curtain for long distance detection (20 m). Ideal for detection of intrusion of human bodies in large machines and conveyor lines.
 >> Area Sensors



arrow_red.png F3ZN

  Discrimination of a wide range of shapes makes this Area Scanner ideal for a variety of applications, such as sorting, inspection, and motion control.



arrow_red.png F3WN-X

  Area Sensor for work detection. Up to 10 meter sensing distance, available in many models. Min sensing object 60mm. Suitable for automation application on a manufacturing line.



arrow_red.png F3W-A/B/C

  Short area sensor ideal for detecting workpieces with no fixed passing positions.
 >> Picking Sensors
 f3w-e.jpg    arrow_red.png F3W-E   Compact body, high-visibility indicators, and ideal for Picking Systems for small parts. A variety of part sizes can be handled. Low-profile Sensor with thickness of 8 mm and enlargeable work opening. 
f3w-d.jpg    arrow_red.png F3W-D   Picking sensor that is compact and have minimum interference. Detection distance 3 meter, 25mm optical pitch. An ideal sensor for semi-automatic production line to prevent human mistakes.


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