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arrow_red.png E8F2  


LED Digital Display
Mini-cube pressure sensor with easy-to-read LED display. Both analog bar and digital pressure values are displayed. Easy operation by the automatic teaching function. Bears CE markings.

e8ms.e8m.jpg   arrow_red.png E8M(S)
LED Digital Display
4-channel pressure sensor offers versatile functions and high precision without errors. The industry's smallest pressure sensor, compact, lightweight-ideal for robot arms.

e8y.jpg    arrow_red.png E8Y
LED Digital Display
"Cube" type differential pressure sensor with LED display offers high precision sensing. compact style:31x30x30 mm saves mounting space. Easy-to-see red LED indicator. Linear current output models available.

e8y[]-f[].jpg    arrow_red.png E8Y[]-F[]
Electronic Miniature Flowmeter
Differential pressure flow sensor. An electronic compact flow meter with high cost performance. Real time flow monitoring. Sensing flow range: 0.3 to 3 l/min, 2 to l/min.

e8aa.jpg    arrow_red.png E8AA
  Stainless Steel Construction
Pressure sensor of stainless steel construction is ideal for a wide range of applications.

  arrow_red.png E8CB/E8CC
  Digital Display
E8CC model is equipped with built-in microcomputer and digital display. Withstands a pressure of 490 kPa and highly reliable.



arrow_red.png E8EB

  Workpiece Position Checking
Ideal for workpiece position and original pressure checking.



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