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  >> Absolute Encoders

arrow_red.png E6C-N     


Ideal for the Tripping Detection of Stepping Motors and the Position Control of Loaders and Unloaders Absolute Rotary Encoder OD 50 dia. No need to reset origin point at power-up. IP 50 certification.

e6cp.jpg   arrow_red.png E6CP
Rotary Encoder OD 50 dia.Equipped with Gray Code Binary Output Function to Help Minimize Output Errors. Used with Omron's H8PS Cam Positioner, this encodr detects the operation timing of various automatic machines with high precision.
  arrow_red.png E6C2-A
Absolute Rotary Encoder OD 50 dia. Use the Tough E6C2-A (IP64 Enclosure Rating) Combined with a PLC or Cam Positioner for Optimum Control and Ease-of-Use 8 mm-dia. staninless steel shaft is twice as strong as conventional shafts.
  arrow_red.png E6F-A
Rotary Encoder OD 60 dia. Rugged construction which detects the timing of an automatic machine of operation with high precision. Water-and oil-proof stucture(IP65F) for greater degree of protection against water, oil and other substances.
e6c3-a.jpg    arrow_red.png E6C3-A
Durability and ease of use! Sealed bearings enable a droplet-resistant and oil-resistant structure that satisfies IP65f.
 >> Incremental Encoders



arrow_red.png E6C3-C

  Durability and ease of use! Sealed bearings enable a droplet-resistant and oil-resistant structure that satisfies IP65f.



arrow_red.png E6A2

  Compact with an External Diameter of 25 mm. Corresponds to positioning needs. It is lineup about a type with a starting point output ( phase Z). An additional series of models with 25 dia. Ensuring a resolution of 500 P/R.



arrow_red.png E6B2

  General-Purpose Rotary Encoder OD 40 dia. A wide operating voltage range of 5 to 24 VDC. Easy-to-adjust zero index(phase Z) with origin indicating function. Available with Line Driver output (100 m max. extension available).



arrow_red.png E6C2-C

  Incremental Rotary Encoder OD 50 dia. (thin) Drip-proof, oil-proof construction meets IP64F standards. Protective Circuit Output Shorting. Space-saving , A-slant cable protrusion for ease of mounting.



arrow_red.png E6D-C       

  High-Resolution Optical Encoder OD 55 dia. Ideal for Industrial Applications. Resolution as high as 6,000 pulses/revolution in a rugged 55 mm(2.17 inch) iameter housing. High-speed response frequency of 200 kHz.
  arrow_red.png E6F-C
  Rotary Encoder OD 60 dia. High Performance with BCB and Gray Code Output Ideal for Heavy Duty Applications. The strongest shaft of any OMRON Incremental Encoder. Output short-circuit protection circuit to reduce risks from incorrect wiring.
  arrow_red.png E6H-C
  Hollow shafts eliminate the need for a coupling. Compact, high-resolution, general-purpose rotary encoder.
 >> Easy Scale Encoders
  arrow_red.png E6L   Easy Scale Linear Encoder best for positioning of conveyance use. Unique optical, circuit and structural design ensures low cost. Extension of a detection stroke by two or more connection of a scale is possible.
>> Direct Discrimination Units
  arrow_red.png E63-WF   The rotation direction of a rotary encoder is distinguished. Provides discrimination output for rotation direction in response to phase-difference signals from Rotary Encoder.


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