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    Item                Model No.                                    Brief Description
zs.jpg   arrow_red.png ZS   2D CMOS Laser Type
A digital fusion of high-precision displacement measurement and image sensing. And ever greater evolution for the Smart Sensors.

zg.jpg   arrow_red.png ZG   2D Profile Measuring
Ultra wide laser beam & super high-speed measurement. A new Smart Sensor debuts with a light-section method that visualizes cross-sectional shapes. A wide laser beam captures entire shapes with ease.


  arrow_red.png ZX-GT  
Wide Laser Beam CCD Measurement
10-µm accuracy by 500-mm range. New standard for dimension measurement. Cutting-edge laser technology. Longer, but easier to use.


  arrow_red.png ZX-L-N  
Laser Displacement
The smallest and lightest laser smart sensors. A body size on the same level as a photoelectric sensor contributes to on-site space conservation and solves installation space problems.


  arrow_red.png ZX-LT030   Through-beam Laser Type
New line-up of wide-line-beam sensors (30-mm width)! ZX Series multi-point measurement and calculation functions further expand the application coverage.


  arrow_red.png ZX-E  
Inductive Displacement
Smart Sensors that use the eddy current method are now available. Develop new applications with sub-micron sensing technology. Smart, stylish, more efficient maintenance and wide selection of sensor heads.


  arrow_red.png ZX-T  
High-Precision Contact
The Smart Sensor family has been joined by a new, High-Precision Contact Type. This is the smart answer to high-precision measuring applications that were difficult with non-contact types.


  arrow_red.png Z500   High-Precision Visual Displacement
High-precision Measurement Sensor that Can See and Measure Shapes. OMRON’s unique line-beam method solves many problems associated with shape measurement!


  arrow_red.png Z510  
High-Precision Visual Displacement
Inline Inspection of Welding Beads. Improve quality by performing 100% inspection of weld strength uniformity. Automatic light intensity (brightness) adjustment provides stable measurement of fluctuating metal surfaces.

z550.jpg    arrow_red.png  Z550  
High-Precision Visual Displacement
Inline Profile Inspections for workpieces, made of metal, plastic or other materials all at one time. Turn Height, Width, Inclination and Cross-Sectional Area into Precise Evaluation Criteria!

z4w-v.jpg    arrow_red.png Z4W-V  
LED Displacement
Easy-to-use LED displacement sensor. Suitable for 0.1mm tolerance dimension inspection. 04 to 20mA analogue output. Dimension inspection, height inspection, double feed etc. Sensing distance 25mm.

  arrow_red.png Z4D-F
  Short-distance Displacement
Micro displacement sensor. Compact body, low-cost up to 5micron resolution. Sensing distance 4mm.

  arrow_red.png E4PA-N
Ultrasonic displacement sensor for precision inspection in a wide measurement range. Sensing range from 60mm to 6000mm depending on the model.

  arrow_red.png E4DA
Measure minute displacement without color interference.

  arrow_red.png D5SN
Contact displacement sensor. Compact, light and high performance. Sensor diameter is only 6mm. Measurement range 6mm, 0.1micron high resolution. IP67 protection. Voltage/Current output.

  arrow_red.png D5V
Built-in Amplifier contact displacement sensor. Measures glass, plastic, rubber and a variety of other objects at a low operating force of 0.29N. Linear output and digital output. Select ball, pin or flat sensor head.




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