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    Item                Model No.                                    Brief Description 
zs.jpg   arrow_red.png ZS   2D CMOS Laser Type
A digital fusion of high-precision displacement measurement and image sensing. And ever greater evolution for the Smart Sensors.

zg.jpg   arrow_red.png ZG   2D Profile Measuring
Ultra wide laser beam & super high-speed measurement. A new Smart Sensor debuts with a light-section method that visualizes cross-sectional shapes. A wide laser beam captures entire shapes with ease.


  arrow_red.png ZFX  
With Built-in LCD Monitor
High level image processing with easy operation. Robust pattern search with up to 10,000 inspection/min. Total image processing system that includes everything from camera with integrated light source to image-processing unit.


  arrow_red.png ZX-L-N  
Laser Displacement
The smallest and lightest laser smart sensors. A body size on the same level as a photoelectric sensor contributes to on-site space conservation and solves installation space problems.


  arrow_red.png ZX-LT030   Through-beam Laser Type
New line-up of wide-line-beam sensors (30-mm width)! ZX Series multi-point measurement and calculation functions further expand the application coverage.


  arrow_red.png ZFV-C  
High-Speed Color CCD Camera
The ZFV-C Color Smart Sensor is designed with the same Target, Teach, Go simplicity as the original ZFV. The Color Filter function is completely automatic, and colors can be easily extracted while watching the monitor.


  arrow_red.png E2C-EDA   Digital Proximity
Finally a Digital Proximity Sensor with high-resolution sensing unaffected by environmental swings.


  arrow_red.png ZFV   High-Speed CCD Cameras
Versatile "2D Smart Sensors" are compatible with a broad range of applications. The added visual display delivers Sensors that can envision sensing solutions. The "2D Smart Sensors" with CCD offer new on-site vision capabilities.


  arrow_red.png ZX-E  
Inductive Displacement
Smart Sensors that use the eddy current method are now available. Develop new applications with sub-micron sensing technology. Smart, stylish, more efficient maintenance and wide selection of sensor heads.

  arrow_red.png  ZX-T  
High-Precision Contact
The Smart Sensor family has been joined by a new, High-Precision Contact Type. This is the smart answer to high-precision measuring applications that were difficult with non-contact types.

  arrow_red.png ZJ-SD  
Smart Electrostatic Sensor
The ZJ-SD uses a compact Sensor Head and Amplifier to easily make static electricity visible. Low repeatability creates the need for a sensor for constant in-line monitoring to properly capture static electricity.




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